Golden Diners

The Salvation Army Golden Diners Service
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What Are Golden Diner Centers? 
Golden Diner Centers serve nutritious home-style meals that are served weekdays to individuals age 60 and over and their spouses, regardless of age. Dining centers give older adults an opportunity to meet new people, enjoy conversation, play games and just have fun. Everyone can be as active or reserved as they want to be.

What Kinds Of Meals Are Served? 
The Center serves hot, nutritious meals that meet one-third of the required daily allowance. Most menus are low fat, low cholesterol, with no salt added. For those who like to plan ahead, monthly menus are available at the Center.

What Is The Cost? 
The actual meal currently costs $6.75. Those who participate in the program are encouraged to contribute to the cost of the program according to their ability. Most seniors contribute $0 – $4 (The suggested donation is $3.50 – $3.75 ). Everyone under age 60 must pay the full amount. Anyone may enjoy the meals, whether or not they are able to contribute. No one is turned away.

Meals For Homebound Older Adults 
Volunteers deliver hot, nutritious meals to older adults who are homebound and unable to take part in the Center’s programs.

The Hidden Problem Of Malnutrition 
A problem that can easily go undetected among older adults is malnutrition. As people age, those living alone often find preparing meals difficult, and those with low incomes are apt to skip meals because purchasing food is costly. Here are the facts: Fueling the health crisis, malnutrition occurs too frequently in the elderly (age 65 and older), even though it is preventable ~ Socio-economic factors, such as poverty and social isolation, increase risk of malnutrition in the elderly: today 33% live alone, 20% skip at least one meal a day, 42% of the elderly women and 17% of the men have an annual income of less than $6,000 ~ About 85% of older Americans have chronic diseases that could be helped by nutritional intervention ~ Malnutrition significantly increases hospital stays and direct medical costs ~ Malnutrition is a major factor in readmission to hospitals.

Why Meals Are Provided 
To prevent malnutrition among the elderly, in 1972 Congress enacted the National Nutrition Program for people age 60 and over, especially those with low incomes. The purpose of the program is to provide nutritious meals. It also reduces the loneliness older adults may experience by giving them opportunities to share their meals with others, make new friends, and enjoy stimulating activities.

About Tri-County Golden Diners 
The program has grown from serving 225 meals a day in 1974, to more than 1,000 today, with about 4,000 seniors participating. In 1995, to reach more older adults in need of nutritious meals, The Salvation Army began a restaurant program. Older adults can now enjoy a nutritious meal at designated restaurants. Currently there are 9 location sites in Kane, 1 in Kendall County and 6 in McHenry County. Click here for Golden Diner Locations

Today The Need Is Even Greater 
As the elderly population grows, The Salvation Army is serving more meals than ever before. More than 4,000 older adults are currently participating in the program, and nearly 199,000 meals are being provided annually. Just as essential are the opportunities for building new friendships, socializing, educating and providing programs with a spiritual focus.

We depend on your continuing generosity to help fund this vital program, one you’ll agree our older adults most certainly deserve. Your support is also needed if we are to receive important government grants.